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Prayer Points:
Intercession is so important.  It involves us lifting up another person in prayer.  Our intercession can be on behalf of a friend who is struggling in an area in life or on behalf of a co-worker, family member or stranger.  Intercession is going before the throne of grace with a pure heart and pure intentions not with manipulative or self seeking motives.  Interceding for leaders is extremely important.  Not only should you intercede for your ministry covering but also for the leaders of this land.  When was the last time you interceded for for the leaders of this land and their leadership staff?  Why should you intercede for leaders?  Their decisions directly affect us, our generation and generations to come (i.e. abolishing of slavery, immigration bans,).  As you go  about your day today intercede for the leaders of your community, city, state and nation.  Pray they are led by the spirit, The Holy Spirit, and not influenced by people to make ungodly decisions (Exodus 32).  Pray their decisions represent holiness not selfishness.